What is it ?

This app can help you organize the good articles in the social platform. Not only is it a bookmark, but it also allows you to quickly find and efficiently organize your articles. In short, it helps you to be more efficient, so you can spend more time on reading.

Why do I choose it

For now overload In the mobile world, the reading scene on cell phones is so fragmented that it is difficult for us to read the content we are interested in as soon as we come across it. so my key question is“ what if user had easy access to the important content thet had bookmarked?

User Research And Insights

I spoke with 6 people

  1. All of them spend at least ten hours a day online.
  2. They basically spend fragments of time looking at social media.
  3. Five of them bookmark a lot of things every day.
  4. Four of them have more than 1,000 bookmarked articles or videos, and the others have at least a few hundred.
  5. Four of them have more than 6 app bookmarked things, and the rest have at least 3 apps.
  6. They bookmarked things that they were usually interested in or related to their work or study.
  7. They forgot what they have bookmarked because there are too many to find, or they forget they have bookmarked it.
  8. All of them will repeatedly look at the bookmarked content because they can't remember it once.


  1. Most of my interviewees are used to bookmark the content they are interested in first and read it slowly when they have time.

  2. And they like to bookmark useful articles and find them at their convenience when they need them. “Somethings are bookmarked, not to be read, but to be found when you're in need.”

  3. For most of them bookmarking is not the problem, not reading is the key. Not finding the right time and scene to absorb their favorites

How Might We Statement


1st low-fid

2 different concepts ——

Import links from external sources, then categorize them by different themes


Add recommended reading


Add an exploration option to read more content of your interest

User testing and takeways

                    Categorize by theme is better

                    A more convenient approach is needed when importing links in large numbers

                    Automatically categorize articles according to keywords after importing them

                    Related reading recommendations are better at the end

                    Add the option to listen to articles in the article reading page.

Mid-Fi Prototype And User testing


Revised home page based on previous user testing

User testing

Mid-Fi Prototype

Added a more detailed filter method

User testing

Mid-Fi Prototype

Reading Page

User testing
Mid-Fi Prototype

Reading Page
User testing
Mid-Fi Prototype

Discovery feature

User testing

Insights & Identify the solutions for each insight

01. Categorize by theme is better

02. Clearer way of using some feature

  1. Remove the page where you can see all your favorites
  2. Only keep  categories according to different themes

  • Delete the 1st filter pages, because they are already categorized by different themes
  • Delete the share from the reading page only keep one sharing icon

03. Exploring feature requires detail

04. Listen to the article part needs to be more clearly

  • Delete the square icon. Instead of having square icon only keep the search icon
  • On the search page, the search box is at the top
  • Next is the search history
  • Below are the recommended categories according to the user's preference
  • And lastly, the current trending recommendations
  • The text and player interface each covers half of the screen
  • The text can scroll automatically depending on where it is played
  • When you listen to the article, text highlighting will appear where it is playing, so when you stop, you can directly see where in the article it is playing.

Product Design



High-Fi Prototype


The first one is onboarding, when user first download this app,  the first will be the name of the app which is memory archive, and the next will be a very shory intro of each feature


Import link

Let's assume that now a link has been copied, then the user opens the app and there will be a pop-up window to save the link directly, and the user can choose to put it in a group.

Filter and sorting

First of all, there are some small tags below to make it more straightforward for the user to see the results of the filter.

Next, click on the button to enter the filter and Sort page, in which users can filter by reading status, or adding time and ect.

Then users can click on the plus button to add a new folder, they can easily change to night mode.

User can also click Edit Folder, where they can add new folders, and swipe left to
combine two folders, change names, or delete folders very easily



By clicking on the articles, users can read the full article or jump to the end by clicking on the arrow. Touch the screen to have more options.


By clicking on Follow, you can see what articles have been recently favorited by your friends.There are different ways to add friends

Click on Profile, user can see their own profile page

Click on like to see the articles you have liked in the app



  • Continue to improve  prototype based on the findings and solutions from user testing

  • Add more details and interaction in some steps