Andrew Bazzi

Duration: 1 week project
Role: graphic designer, researcher
Goal: Improve the visual

Project description

Due to budget or other reasons, the niche musicians have not paid much attention to the visual design of the album. I want to designan album cover for my favorite niche singer, Bazzi. I hope to attract more people to listen to his music through the visuals of the album.


According to people's different moods at different times of the day, I sorted Bazzi's songs into suitable for listening in the

morning, afternoon and evening.

The album cover is also designed based on these three periods. Morning is a significant time for everyone to start a good day, so the songs on the first album are very relaxing. The music of the second album is cheerful and suitable for listening when the sun is setting. The songs in the third album are profound, so listening late at night can make everyone calm down and enjoy their own time. Besides, I also extended the design of his live house ticket and some souvenirs based on the visuals of the album cover.

Vinyl Records

Concert Ticket

Guildline Brochure